Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

High school comes after me

I just got spammed by two old high school classmates who would dearly love to sell me a house in the Omaha area. I couldn't fathom why on earth they would write to me about how they couldn't believe it had been 10 years, since I could barely picture either of them, and then I got to the part of the e-mail where they were trying to sell houses. Heh. Um, no.

In happier high school-related news (and how weird is that), I got another nice e-mail from an old classmate who found me on Google. He was from the class I started with, not the class I graduated with, and he actually remembered that I was a science fiction geek. Apparently someone was paying attention! Lots of the people I've come back into contact with have said they expected me to be a ______ (physicist or other flavor of scientist if they were paying some attention, Supreme Court justice or doctor or corporate bigwig if they apparently just made stuff up about me), and that they "never would have expected!" that I'd write science fiction.* I was apparently much sneakier than I ever meant to be. I never meant to hide my SF geek ways. The fact that I was always toting some speculative novel around with me could have maybe been a tipoff. But apparently people just didn't think I meant it. How very weird. Anyway, Justin did think I meant it, so that's pretty cool.

And entirely unrelated to high school, I have started caring about the characters in The Wizard Hunters, so I will probably end up reading more marthawells books sooner instead of later. And I expect to finish it tonight, and then I think the urge for For the Good of the State will overcome me. I hope you're pleased with yourself about this addiction you created, dd_b!

Oh wait. I know he's pleased with himself. So okay then. Back to my own book.

*It strikes me as extremely pedantic to correct people and say "science fiction and fantasy" when they do not, themselves, give a damn about science fiction or fantasy or what, exactly, the differences are between them or in what proportions and moods I write each.

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