Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Girly Clothes Crap

What on earth is it about spring that makes women's clothing designers want to bring out hideous colors and styles? I'm used to looking through favorite catalogs and thinking either "not my style" or "meh." But the ones I got in today's mail are more along the lines of, "not for love nor money, and my land, whoever thought that was a good idea?"

Here are words that do not apply to apparel for mrissas, not now and not ever: nautical. Pastel.

I could go on, but since that covers something like 90% of springtime apparel, I don't really need to. Apparently the ideal for women in the months of April and May is to wear a petal-pink sailor suit. Excuse me while I try to quiet the shudders.

What I want is short A-line skirts in pretty colors and/or patterns. Things that are not comfortable in Minnesota in January. I'm even willing to (gulp) iron. What I want is another three or four versions of the cream top and cream-and-orange skirt I got at Anthropologie last spring. Except that it was the only even remotely similar skirt in the store, so going back doesn't seem like a guarantee of anything.

Clothes. Frustrated with them, cold and/or arrested without them. It's pretending to be spring here just when I want to cling to my sweaters and coat and hat. Sigh.
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