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Marissa Lingen

Finallyfinallyfinally, I have one of my stories for elisem done. The earrings called "'Oh, yeah?' said the rock sprite." have deserved a story since September, and now they have one, although the story is now called "The Opposite of Pomegranates." It may be a bit...umm...scattery. I guess we'll find out on the readthrough. But it's drafted, and I don't hate it any more, and I'm still glad to be moving back to Thermionic Night in all its wretchedness.

If I'm going to insist that I'm not a short story writer, I should probably stop writing short stories. But somebody gave me my whale who is named "Warded," and so I have to write her my modern Saami whaling story, because why else would I deserve my whale and its corresponding worldlet? And that's on the queue after "Singing Them Back" and "The Calculus Plague"* and the short story component of Someone's birthday present. (Someone's birthday isn't in February or even March, but I'm beginning to think I should put the story on the priority list before then: novels, oof. Also, Someone is not the same as the whale-giving somebody, whose birthday is yet more distant.)***

Elizabeth Hand's Waking the Moon is suffering from two things: one, it's a college fantasy novel (which I love) and is not Tam Lin****; two, it's got two main characters, and one suffers in comparison to the other. I care much more about one than the other. Which makes me nervous, because TN has two main characters, too, and what if people feel like this about my book? Because I feel like this about other people's books often. Eeeeeek.

We can worry about that tomorrow.

*Because I am still a science fiction writer, dammit. Just because fantasy keeps grabbing me, doesn't mean I'm not also a science fiction writer still. Right?**

**I seem to be bigger on footnotes these days. Maybe I should read some Terry Pratchett and get it out of my system. Heh. I borrowed still more books from porphyrin and dd_b this week already, and I have stuff on my own unread stack. Important stuff. So: not very likely.

***I don't actually have anything to say here, but if I did, would it be more appropriate to use *** or to use ** and have the footnote-on-the-footnote indicated by ***? My thought here is that if you read footnotes at all, you're going to read them in order. But there could be a convention I'm forgetting.

****This after Hand's other book suffered in comparison with The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Scribblies. What can you do.
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