Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of January 30-February 5

Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. No acceptances, no rejections, no faint mumbles. Nothing.

I'm going to replace a character with an historical personage about which little is known. You would think that I could just do this -- there aren't any deeply psychological scenes with the character, and as I said, little is known about the historical personage. (He was assistant to the MI6 head of section in Helsinki in the early 1950s. Not really the sort of guy who gets huge bios written of him.) And yet I find that they are quite different people in my head, and even removing the entirely fictional one does not let me map his dialog onto the historical one. Silly writerbrain.

In other news, please don't expect me to have an opinion about football or commercials tomorrow. I don't care if you do and won't whine about it if you muse about either and it pops up on my friendspage. But don't expect me to watch and care, because I don't intend to. Cranky like that, I guess. Much more interested in running off and getting Russian food than in anything officially deemed Super.
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