Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Back with good news

Onie has been diagnosed, and the c-word was not in the diagnosis. Her condition may be treatable with medication, or it may require surgery, but the point is, it's treatable. And there was much rejoicing.

Also with Mary and Jimmy's wedding: much rejoicing. It went beautifully, I had a good time, and there are some pictures to see. There's one in there I'm particularly fond of, me and Kari and Aunt Jenny and Noah. I'm holding the baby. It's my favorite picture of any of us in a good while. Go look.

Minneapolis types: where are there good used bookstores that are more general than the standard Uncle Hugo's/Dreamhaven run? I plan to do that particular booking run soon, and we'll spend a lot of time/money on it. But one can't really find much in the way of history books there, nor science, nor...well, you get the point. Sometimes one needs something a bit more general.

In a totally irrelevant note, I got The Lingen Hiccups today. You know how most hiccups sound like a dainty little "hic, hic, hic?" Not The Lingen Hiccups. Oh no. These are the equivalent of shouting "HICCUP!" while punching oneself in the diaphragm and shaking all over. Wheeeeee, what fun. Does anyone else get these stupid things besides my family members?
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