Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Dodging revisions

The thing about doing revisions is that then when I'm reading other people's books, I notice things that should have gotten caught three drafts ago. Where three people are described as doing something "immediately" in half a page, where everybody scowls, where the adverbs pile up one too thick. Where someone "putts his jacket" rather than "puts his jacket on." (Just caught that one a minute ago in my own draft.)

Bad Magic has been fine for that, nothing jumping out as annoying carelessness. It's not's a good book, nothing really wrong with it,'s a Your Weird Crap Is Okay But It's Not My Weird Crap book, and let's avoid coining an acronym out of that if at all possible. Nothing nasty falls out of it, it's just ungainly, as acronyms go.

Back on the subject of my weird crap, I will note that in Chapter 11 of Thermionic Night, my protag looks in the mirror and does not describe what he sees. Take that, universe!

As readers of the other journal know, I now have a silly nickname for my Aesir noir book, The Big, Chilly Icelandic Falcon, or, Thor Framed Roger Rabbit. (I was explaining to markgritter why my detective main character doesn't work with gods, and he said, "Not because they dropped a safe on his partner?" Um. No. But the nickname amuses me. Not taking myself seriously is a very good goal just now. There will be no obnoxious cartoons in this book. No cartoons of any kind.) I'm doing all sorts of comforting things like mocking myself and using funny colors of ink in order to distract myself that I'm finishing this current book, that in not too long it will have to go out in the world or at least across the office to timprov and across the hall to markgritter, who will tell me how and why it makes no sense and they don't like it, and then out to other, even more distant eyes, who will tell me how and why it makes no sense and they don't like it. And all that is useful and a good step and all that, but it makes me skittish every damn time. These days when I try to stop believing in my YAs, I have people who've read them and made happy comments on them. So it's easier to keep believing in them, but that first a doozy.

Still, we're not there yet -- Chapter 11 is being written from scratch, because the old one was really Chapter 12 -- and I'm dodging the notecards with lj. So I'd better get back to them, if I'm going to get anything done before it's time to fetch a pizza for dinner. Notecards ho, and all that.

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