Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Nonsense (but no Nonsensibility)

So here I am in the middle of chapter 32, and the backstory that has just been revealed makes no sense. It doesn't even make good nonsense. I can tweak it so that it does make sense, and so that the bits that relied on its general outline aren't changed, so it's not a total disaster, but apparently my ability to discern rational behavior went for a holiday somewhere in the middle of chapter 32. I only hope it's come back for the rest of the book, or it will be an even longer slog than I fear.

Nooooo sense! None! Yarg! The earliest I could have written this scene is 2001, and I was a comparatively rational adult, capable of making sense, in 2001! Whyyyyyy?

Ahem. Anyway. seagrit pointed out that I haven't explained the Sampo. I didn't want to put that in the poll about it as a title ("Here's what a Sampo is. Do you know what a Sampo is?"), but it's also not entirely clear. It gets described as a "magic mill" that "grinds" one third things to eat, one third things to use, and one third things to sell. As wshaffer pointed out, the end of the Sampo story is often told alone, as "Why the Sea Is Salt." What "a magic mill" actually meant in terms of physical appearance is not certain. It either had a lid or was related to a drum or other musical instrument with similar terminology to that for lid. It was "rooted in the stone." It's a freaky Finnish magical thing, and when they decide to make another one in my books (beginning in 1950), it will be a freaky Finnish magical thing involving thermionic technology. Vacuum tubes. A computing Sampo.

Elsewhere on the net, nineweaving asked about which archetypes we got dealt. I said, in part, that I have the Snow Queen, who sometimes shifts into the Ice Queen. I also have the Tinkerer, the Eccentric Genius (female), the Green Man, the Moon Maiden and Crone (but the Mother seems to have wandered off somewhere -- maybe I should look for her), and an entire suit worth of Lost Boys of various ages and genders. Also the Battering Ram, whose card shows a pointy-chinned female between the ages of 12 and 60 ready to charge. Also a very shaggy dog, but I hope that doesn't make them into shaggy dog stories.

I also have two whole books full of conscious archetypes and a bunch of concrete nouns wandering around a set of my short stories, but that didn't really seem to be what she was asking.

The gods I have are different. (And I should mention here that this is just who shows up in some of my stories; I am something approximating monotheistic, by my own definitions.) I have the entire Norse pantheon, including all nine daughters of Ran by name. But there are big gaps of Greeks missing: I have Persephone and Hades but not Demeter, Artemis but no Apollo, Hephaestus but no Aphrodite. I have all the -akkas from the Saami and also the Blood Man and the Birch Man. Anubis and Bast and Horus but not Ra. Hanuman and Saraswati but no Ganesha or Kali or Brahma or Indra. Somewhere I got the Dagda, which is good, but not the Morrigan, which is suboptimal (the lack of her/them is suboptimal, I mean, in stories).

I don't really know why my brain does this. Does your brain do this? Or anything like it?

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