Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of January 16-22

One rejection. I guess they're still recovering from the holidays. Or else all the mags with my short stories have become black holes -- but even Dr. Hawking now thinks information can escape those, so I'm left baffled.

Book: still eating brains. It isn't like yesterday, when I was fairly miserable working on it and apparently incapable of not working on it. Today, I'm not miserable.

The coolness of some people I haven't met, and also Kev:

dichroic seems like the sort of person who jumps right in with her life and doesn't stop to ask approval. She flies planes, she rows boats, she knits dishrags. She may even slice, dice, and julienne, for all I know. I think I came upon her through mechaieh, but that might be wrong. For the number of things we don't have in common, it's amazing how much it feels like we have in common. It feels to me like I could introduce Paula into a gathering of my girl friends sight-unseen and have her get along with everybody. How do you get that from some journal entries and a very few e-mails? What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? But there it is.

brithistorian aspires to be a Minnesotan. Such a noble aspiration, how could I not like the man? He's also preparing for it more sensibly than anyone else I've known. Well, aside from us, I mean. It sounds like the world has handed Jason one thing after another in the last few years, and he just keeps going and going, and helps keep his family going, too. One of the Energizer bunnies of my friendslist. (Also I keep thinking he must be my friend Jon because of the historian thing and the location. I have verified pretty conclusively that he isn't. But he started out with bonus points because, hey, I like Jon.) And he writes letters. I approve of letter-writers, having been one for so long. And we've barely started poking the common interests, so I have the sense that there's mroe cool yet to come in Jason.

greykev has grown so much in the last few years, I hardly know how to say it. Kev has been one of my good friends for a decade now, but I used to worry about him a lot. Now I don't, and it's all because of hard work he's done figuring out what he wants and how to get it, then going after it. I have been relaxed with Kev for years. Now I am also relaxed about Kev, and that's good. What else? He's one of the world's easiest houseguests, as he is up for just about anything, adventure and excitement or curling up in the same room with separate books. You can share the funny bits from a funny book with Kev if it's that kind of funny book, but he won't sit there going, "What? What? What?" while you're reading. Or writing, for that matter. He just grins, shrugs, and moves on. Also the things we have here are things that are good for feeding Kev's soul, so it's good to take him around and watch him get happy with all of the possibilities up here.

Also he welts really easily and niftily, but I haven't been doing Kev Limb Art for almost a decade now and probably shouldn't start up again. He was very tolerant of my silly teenage phase. It's good to have people who are tolerant of your silly teenage phase around to remind you how silly you were. That way you remember to be silly again sometimes.

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