Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Nice people vs. cool people

Next time I write a book, it's going to have nice people in it. They will have tea parties and eat cookies and sing songs. They will all be good to each other.

Okay, so probably I won't. But it's just messy, is what.

There is, however, snow. I'm really fixating on the snow right now, because I've been missing it, and because it's better than the book.

Here's another batch of requested coolness. I had been grouping them mentally by how well and in what medium I know them, but then greykev came late to the egoboo party, so I don't know where I'm going to put him, as he properly belonged with scottjames and seagrit and porphyrin back in "people I know well in person." Anyway, here's the coolness of people I'm getting to know around here.

The first thing I learned for myself about fiddle_dragon is that she looks awesome in garb. Liz is manufacturing time somewhere in a basement workshop, to manage to do all the things she does, and I bet that time-manufacture process is hard work. But despite health issues that are not entirely optimal, she's been managing to find time for family, music, work, friendships, and all kinds of general geekage. This is a nifty thing.

One of the things you can't tell about songwind on lj is that he has a very warm chuckle. When he laughs, you want to laugh with him, or at least give him a grin. Eric manages to talk about things I really don't care about in a way that makes them look kind of fun and interesting. (Cars. Alton Brown. WhatEVer, like I care!...but then I kind of do, which is weird, but in a good way.)

Also, Liz and Eric, together with ladysea and marcbs are raising some pretty spectacular kids and doing a good job of it. You can tell that the kids are comfortable with who they are in their own home, that their house will be a good place for whatever kind of people they grow up to be. But the odds say that at least a couple of them will probably grow up to be geeks, so that's even better. Nobody in their family seems to stand on dignity, which makes me much more comfortable with them, since I have none.

mmerriam is going blind, which is not at all cool. But he has a sense of humor about it, which really is. Did not run screaming away or get offended when I told one of my old summer research advisor's blind jokes. Did not run screaming away or get offended at anything I said, actually. One of the neat things about Michael is that, unlike a lot of people, he looks at his experiences and consciously analyzes what he can learn from the situation and how it can be encouraged or avoided again. And like Eric, he laughs pretty good. I don't know about his fiction yet; haven't read any of it. But I know about his dedication to it, and that's a very good thing.

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