Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


It's not a very happy thing to look at the chapter I have to do when I'm done with this one and say to myself, "The sex in this chapter needs to be creepier." Not a happy thing at all at all. What a good day I have ahead of me, creeping up the sex in my book. Starting to creep up the sex in my book; this is merely the first of several dubious encounters with nasty consent questions associated. And guilt; the guilt-indicators probably need to be dialed up several notches. Oh hurrah.

Grown-ups. They stink. Some of these very same characters get to have happy sex in The Winter Wars when they're teenagers. (Though not with each other.) That's one of the very few bits I've already written on that book, and I don't even like writing sex scenes. I feel sure that several of the minor characters are having happy sex offscreen. But I can't very well introduce a new viewpoint character just to put some happy sex in my book. Stupid, stupid characters.

It's snowing, at least; that's cheering, sort of. And I can take a break and make myself bread or muffins later today. Or mop. Mopping is not very cheering, but compared to "make this sex ickier!" it's a veritable romp.

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