Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Some coolness, not all.

Got sparklies from my dealer elisem today. Spaaaarklies. Spoiled me. Among them is a piece of hair jewelry I have to learn to wear just right, balancing between displaying the barette itself too prominently and letting the stars get lost in my hair. I hope to have pictures of my pretty necklaces soon and will try to demonstrate the hair jewelry as well.

Also borrowed a bunch of books from my dealer dd_b. So many people to feed my addictions today. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

Am doing stuff on Thermionic Night. Revising on paper. Typing in revisions. Thinking hard and making thinky faces. Stuff.

I don't think I have time to get to everybody on the meme from yesterday, so I'm just going to make a start on it. None of these lists is intended to be exhaustive, of course!

scottjames has been one of my very best friends, inner circle of my heart, all that good stuff, since I was 12 years old. We've had bumpy moments in fourteen and a half years in each other's lives, but in some ways that ends up feeling like a good thing, like we've earned the friendship we have now instead of having it handed to us by circumstances. Scott is the only person in the world who can make me laugh by just saying the word "happy." When we were in high school, we declared ourselves symbiotic. We still have some of that: communication at a glance, the kind of ease of banter that comes of knowing each other's shtick for more than half our lives. We haven't always taken our lives in the same direction, but we remain aware of the differences; we don't take each other for granted, even though in some ways we could.

seagrit is my sister. She's also my sister-in-law (and no, that doesn't mean I married my brother). Sarah has crossed the line in my head that I demarcate as the difference between being Mark's sister and being my sister-in-law. She is not, in fact, any cooler in my heart with her trendy new hair, but she is cooler for the impulse that gets her trendy new hair: Sarah is not afraid to identify something she needs and isn't getting, and to work around limitations instead of settling for less. When her knee took her out of commission as a runner, Sarah took up karate instead. She's stubborn, not just with herself but with what's good for those around her. And that's pretty darn cool. Also, she and her husband play, clearly enjoying just being silly together, and that's something I think more people should do.

porphyrin has been one of my best friends for all our lives. Never mind that we've only known each other since 11/03. In all that other time, we just didn't know we were friends yet. Unless you are in a very small handful of people reading this, Stella is cooler than you think she is. Yes, I know you think she's cool. She's cooler than that. The Stella is vastly underappreciated (sometimes particularly by the Stella). She manages to keep caring about her patients when it would be a million times easier to harden her heart, close her eyes, turn her head. She keeps caring for and about her family when she's too exhausted to stand; she keeps caring about her stories when it would be easier to leave them untold. Stella does not take the easy way out. She also understands when it's the right evening to send the guys out for pizza and stare with weary affection at each other while Roo sings deedle-deedle. She can snark without being mean-spirited, and she believes in her friends when they don't manage to believe in themselves. That means other people, but it also means me, too. I keep telling people that when we moved to Minneapolis, I didn't need any more friends. And it's true, I didn't; I knew enough people from college that I love dearly and don't see enough now. But apparently I needed a Stella. And I'm glad I got one, because I don't know what we'd do without her now. The first time timprov and I went out for coffee with Stella and Roo, we noticed that not only does she have a really nifty kid, but she knows it. She and Mike are raising a good kid, but she spends more time patting him on the back than herself. (Also Mike is cool, but Mike did not comment asking for praise, so I'm going to try to limit it a bit, lest I end up writing about everybody in my life whether they want to hear it or not.)

Okay, back to the book for awhile, and then to bed. More coolness tomorrow.

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