Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

These are a few of my…you know the drill.

It is time for some favorite things. I’ll start, and you join in.

1. Cloudberries.

2. Best-aunts who smuggle jars of cloudberries into unrelated gifts.

3. My ice cream lady.

4. Introducing my ice cream lady to the concept of cloudberries, because cool people and cool things should meet from time to time.

5. I do actually like crisp apple streudels. The song was pretty on-point there.

6. Clean sheets.

7. The library.

8. Transparent coping mechanisms that actually work.

9. Ambers, the fossilized tree resins.

10. Ambers, my niece and my friend.

11. Snow.

12. Trees. No, really, all of them. I like trees. I have taken to declaring myself a tree whenever anybody has a personality quiz on social media. Jo helped me figure out that I don’t have a totem animal, I have trees, and so then I answered a totem animal quiz with “I’m a tree,” and now I am answering “Which Hobbit character are you?” and “What is your Myers-Briggs?” and “Which heavy metal band are you?” with “I’m a tree,” because hey, it worked the first time. Probably this will stop amusing me at some point. But this is not yet that point.

Now you.

Originally published at Novel Gazing Redux

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