Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Bad writer. No biscuit.

Most lines of dialog should not contain the word "well." "Well" is "um" wearing a funny hat and Groucho Marx nose/glasses/moustache.

NO MORE WELL. The next character who says "well" in this scene is going to get shot through the head and buried in the garden, and the book and its sequel will have to go on without [reads ahead] the most major non-POV character. Crap. All right, so I'll give the shot-and-garden-burial a miss. Still, grumph and grarrrr.

This is my sixth novel, if you don't count the two I destroyed. I also write short stories. You would think that after five other books and N short stories, where N is a largeish number, I would not have to write "Well" every five words! Well, wouldn't you??? WELL???

Also, the next character who sighs in this or any other of my books is going to be beaten with an axe handle.

That is all.
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