Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


So. I'm going to WorldCon. I had kind of thought I would be -- I was almost sure I would be -- it seemed likely I would be. Then somewhere along the line it changed over from "I probably will" to "I'm going to, but let's see if Stella can go, and if she can't I'll buy her membership so she doesn't have to waste that much money." And Stella can go. So I went and bought myself a membership. Got the confirmation number and everything. I'm going.

So who else will be there? Who wants to have lunch/dinner/cuppa coffee/heartfelt conversation/silly joking/happy parties/interesting panels with me? Anybody? Hello out there? I'm friendly. I'm nice. I don't bite except on request, and sometimes not even then, depending. Early on, Stella said I know everybody. I don't know everybody! Sometimes I think I won't know anybody! Reassure me that I'll know somebody or at least will have somebody who wants to meet me! Please?
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