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Meanwhile in the visual arts - Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Marissa Lingen

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Meanwhile in the visual arts [Aug. 1st, 2013|10:55 am]
Marissa Lingen

1. Tim is having a print sale of sunrises. Amazing photos, amazing prices. The Belle Fourche Reservoir one particularly knocks me over–if you think it looks intense on the screen, wait ’til you see what he does with it as a print.

2. Today’s Google Doodle fills me with joy (thanks, Catherine, for pointing it out). Maria Mitchell! Hurrah!

Originally published at Novel Gazing Redux


[User Picture]From: wshaffer
2013-08-01 05:55 pm (UTC)
That is an awesome doodle! Happy birthday, Maria Mitchell.
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[User Picture]From: ckd
2013-08-02 02:21 am (UTC)
And we got Rosalind Franklin not long ago, too. SCIENCE WOMEN!
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