Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Annoying Teenage Heroines Redux

I just finished the Stars anthology, and I want to say right here and now: Orson Scott Card's attempts at female psychology make me want to hurl. Some of his previous stuff was laughable: the idea that little girls weren't generally ruthless enough to be in Battle School, for example, made me just about fall out of my chair laughing. If there's anything more ruthless than a 9-year-old girl, I certainly haven't met it in the rest of my life to date. But this story, this just turned my stomach.

(And maybe if I was otherwise fine with a story, I'd buy that teenaged Jewish girls insisted on being called "Jewesses." Probably not, though; I am not an authoress, and I know no poetesses, and neither of those was extensively used in propaganda efforts in the last century. Am I wrong on this one? Do any of you know Jewish women who not only don't mind being called "Jewesses" but insist on it? Are any of you Jewish women of that description?)

Maybe it's just me; maybe I'm no longer giving Card a fair shake because his views are so extremely repugnant to me. (I mean, this is a man who is willing to say that my Onie (my grandma's older sister) is not part of my family just so he can deny gay people their families. Because "everybody knows" that a family is a mother, a father, and their children, and it "always has been" that way...except that it almost never has been that way, but never mind that, apparently.) But it seems like he's sliming all over more and more of his work. I liked Pastwatch unexpectedly, and I was more interested in the Bean books than in anything he's done since it became clear that the Alvin Maker books were all about Card's Mormonism. But I'm beginning to think I just shouldn't bother reading anything else he writes, because I'm going to feel slimy and sick afterwards.

I think I need some good honest death and deceit to wash my brain off after this. Ew.
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