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Cool stuff: the pen edition - Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Marissa Lingen

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Cool stuff: the pen edition [Jun. 19th, 2013|10:10 am]
Marissa Lingen

One of the things I wanted to do when I started keeping a blog on my own site was blog more about random stuff I have found that I like. And then a week ago today was the first Eagan farmer’s market of the year, and I had an example present itself. The farmer’s market was still in semi-pathetic late spring/early summer mode (it has been a very late spring here), sort of in the, “Do you want rhubarb? We got rhubarb. And scallions. And rhubarb. You want something else? No you don’t, how about rhubarb?” mode as far as the produce is concerned.

But! The Eagan farmer’s market does not live by produce alone, so I came home happy and laden with other nice things. And one of the people whose entire table I wanted to bring home was this guy.

You guys. The circuit board pens. They are so cool. There’s also an array of other neat pens if that’s not your thing, but the black and the green circuit board pens are so nice. They’re not fountain pens, but the ballpoint/rollerball hybrid he uses is incredibly smooth. Not at all scratchy, very well flowing. (Of course I stood there and tested the nibs. Of course I did.)

Anyway. I thought you would want to know. More cool stuff to follow.

Originally published at Novel Gazing Redux


[User Picture]From: wshaffer
2013-06-19 04:54 pm (UTC)
Ah, out here there's always that period in February where the farmers market has chard. Plus chard, beets, and more chard. And maybe some kale.

Those circuit board pens are super cool, and I think I'm going to have to get one. Thank you for posting about them!
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[User Picture]From: mrissa
2013-06-19 05:02 pm (UTC)

Uniting cool stuff with its monkeys since 1978. It's the Mrissish way.
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[User Picture]From: judith_dascoyne
2013-06-19 09:33 pm (UTC)


Will you bring the pen to 4th St?
I would love to see it in person.
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[User Picture]From: mrissa
2013-06-19 11:37 pm (UTC)

Re: Oh MY

I didn't buy myself one. Buying an artisan pen was not in this month's budget for me, but other people should definitely have them!
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[User Picture]From: zelda888
2013-06-20 03:46 am (UTC)
Well, that's a great whack of my Christmas shopping done-- thank you!
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