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Dinner parties

My real journal is not accessible to some of you-all; we are redirecting it, and the redirect is taking time to propagate. So if you originally read it at the Stanford address, I believe that should still work; the address may still be propagating elsewhere; those of you who don't read my other journal at all have nothing to worry about anyway.

It occurs to me that what we had last night was a dinner party. I don't know what my brain was going along thinking dinner parties were, but I think it involved tablecloths. Possibly placemats. Somewhere in the back of my head, I'd been thinking, "We should have a dinner party sometime." When, in fact, we do have them. So okay then.

Appetizers. Maybe dinner parties have appetizers instead of me hollering at C.J. from the next room, "Eat a rosemary bun!" when he says he's hungry. Maybe I should work on our appetizer repertoire next. Maybe for the June party -- we just don't have time in May to have this party and not go insane and hate the world at large. So it'll be June. We should probably figure out when in June, since it's a party and thus will have invitations in advance and not just people mumbling at each other, "Well, I dunno, a movie, maybe? Or that little Vietnamese place? I could cook. What do you want to do?"

Maybe that's it: dinner parties have invitations on their own for themselves, not decisions that it'd be easier than picking a restaurant for everybody to go to. Maybe this is needlessly rigid of me.

The to-do list is still (perpetually?) daunting me with its length, especially since Mark and I are heading out for Omaha Friday in the late afternoon. My cousin is getting married. It'll be a fast trip, in Friday night and out Sunday noon. It's an evening wedding, though, so we'll have most of Saturday to hang out and go to Spirit World and make [item deleted in case Karina is reading] for Karina's birthday. I doubt that I'll get much done in the way of work on Saturday or Sunday. Sigh.

I was going to post a "ho or no?" picture of my black dress from MiniCon and take opinions about whether it was appropriate for a wedding taking place in a secular venue, but my mom got enthusiastic about a royal blue dress in my closet, so that's not necessary any more. I'm still wondering how much cleavage is too much for a wedding, but it's not so much of a live issue. I'm also wondering (for later, in June) what one wears to a wedding in a park with a reception in a bowling alley. Opinions welcome.

The backyard is startlingly green. I'm used to thinking of it as white and very dark brown. And now it's damp and green and filled with very noisy birds. I'm also used to thinking of the front door as "door to coldness," and so every time I open it up to a cool breeze or a warm day, I'm startled. We have lilacs. I didn't know we had lilacs. There's a dark one and a light one and I love them both. One of these days I'm going to bring in cut lilacs and make the house smell like Gran.

Maybe dinner parties have flowers on the table. Maybe that's it. Sorry; I don't mean to be on about dinner parties. My brain does this sort of thing without me sometimes. Considering the other things it does without me -- mostly story-related -- I really can't complain.
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