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Long Hidden guidelines

So. Many of you know that rosefox and Daniel Older are doing an anthology called Long Hidden, which features historical contexts and perspectives not often seen in speculative fiction. But did you know that you can submit to this anthology? It's true! For a limited time only! Well...until July 31. Which is not that limited. Especially if you start thinking about your stories now.

Here's the thing about this anthology: if you are thinking of a story, and you think, "Maybe they won't want it," write it anyway! If you are thinking, "Maybe the people I think are marginalized are not the people they think are marginalized," write it anyway! If you think of a story with an unusual voice before 1400 or after 1920, write it anyway! If it doesn't fit their guidelines, don't send it to them--I don't want you telling them I wanted you to ignore the guidelines for what you actually send in, because I don't. But just thinking about the more general topic before I saw the specific guidelines gave me two story ideas that don't fit the guidelines as well as at least one that does. And this doesn't mean it's time to grouse about the guidelines! Not a bit of it! It means that poking our brains for what will be interesting little-seen settings and viewpoints is a very good thing. So what if one of my story ideas was centered around the Civilian Conservation Corps and is outside the guidelines temporally? It's still worth doing a story like that and sending it other places. Let yourself be inspired! Because while I don't know Daniel, I think both Daniel and Rose would be incredibly pleased if this anthology prompted a bunch of stories that were off in wildly different directions, even if some of those directions weren't exactly what they're looking for in this particular anthology. Use it as a prompt. Think of something different. Dive in. Have fun.

But if it fits the guidelines, have that fun by July 31, because then you can send it to them, and I bet they are just dying to find out what different things are coming their way. I know I would be.
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