Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of January 2-8

Two rejections, no acceptances. And a week of vacation ending in apparently viral crud. But I seem to be getting better.

I'm totally ready to write some more fiction now, though. Even though I have very little energy and all that. Definitely pining for the fiction.

Sarah Zettel's The Firebird's Vengeance is all right, but I'm having a fairly big problem with it. The bad guys are pseudo-Finns, and my brain will not stop cheering for them. "She just poisoned that lady!" says my reasonable brain, and the rest of the brain says, "Down with the tsarist oppressors! Harkka päälle!"

And I would say more, but "Enigma" is on, so apparently we get cable for a reason after all. I love this movie so much. Type at you all later.
Tags: bookses precious, scorekeeping, sisu has no bang, small screen

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