Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

I didn't previously realize that Aud Torvingen is a Green Lantern. Like Pamela, but different!

Dear friends, can you please be careful with your similes? Those things'll leave a mark.

Case in point: yesterday I was reading an internet argument I decided not to participate in. And I had mostly decided by the time I got to this line. But then somebody said something like, "It'd be like if DC hired Nicola Griffith, and--" And I don't even know what the rest of their argument was or if it was right or wrong. Because my brain had completely shut down and was busy going ooh shiny Nicola Griffith superhero comics send at least three copies to my house soonest. And my brain has been pondering what those would be like ever since.

Similes. They're dangerous. Use responsibly.
Tags: my friends rule, pure silliness

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