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Where's Mrissa (hint: much less sneaky than Waldo)

This came up in conversation, so I thought I'd put it here: a quick list of conventions and convention-like events where I will be and where I might be in 2013.

Definitely will be, barring catastrophe:
Minicon, March 29-31, Minneapolis area
Fourth Street Fantasy, June 21-23, Minneapolis area
Farthing Party, September 27-29, Montreal*

As of posting this entry, I have bought memberships to all three of these conventions.

*Note that this is the last Farthing Party, so if you've been saying, "That sounds like fun, I should do that!", your window for doing it is pretty much now. One of my friends was saying last month that she doesn't see why conventions should replicate themselves endlessly rather than having a natural life-cycle. I agree, and this is even more true for a convention like Farthing Party, which is mainly the work of one person.

Pretty good chance of attending:
The Minn-StF fallcon if there is one. Last year I was so exhausted that the thought of going and being with people made me want to weep--not that I was thinking of people I didn't like, either. People I do like, and the very thought of investing the energy made me want to sit on the floor and cry like an overtired toddler. So I didn't go. Ideally I will have more energy than that this year. The fallcon is relaxing. Having enough energy to relax is a good thing.

Outside chance with very unusual circumstances:
WorldCon, August 29-September 2, San Antonio. Seriously this is not at all likely, but there are a couple of things that could happen that could get me to this WorldCon; e-mail me if you want to talk about them. But mostly do not plan on seeing me there.
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