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Relentless Positivity For All - Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Marissa Lingen

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Relentless Positivity For All [Feb. 12th, 2013|11:01 am]
Marissa Lingen

I just read the comments section of a blog post in which a couple of people were so relentlessly negative about themselves that it made me want to curl into a ball and whimper on their behalf. So! I have declared it Relentless Positivity Day in Mrissaland. Three questions:

1. Tell me one thing you like about yourself, as a trait.

2. Tell me one thing you've done recently that you're proud of or glad you did.

3. Tell me one thing you appreciate that someone close to you did recently.

These things don't have to be big, and if you've already answered on another form of social media, don't feel obliged. In fact, don't feel obliged at all. I just would like a little bit of mental shift in the direction of good stuff.

[User Picture]From: akirlu
2013-02-12 07:08 pm (UTC)
1. I am a quick study at most things; I usually pick up and integrate new information readily and enjoy the process of learning.

2. I chaired Potlatch 22, which was held in conjunction with Foolscap over the weekend of February 1-3, after having had a ramp up period of only four months. The basic things I really wanted to insure, happened: we brought in a lot of attendees to Foolscap who do not traditionally attend it, we got a really good hotel-night pick up, the hospitality crew put on a really stellar Potlatch-style hospitality lounge, and, most importantly the attendees from both sides of the house had a really great little convention. Plus, thanks to a stellar auction crew the Clarion West Scholarship auction brought in close to $2K, which is more than I dared hope for. I'm proud of myself and my entire crew for making that happen.

3. Hal has taken over doing the kitchen laundry without being asked. Lovely fellow.
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