Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Yes, that's right, we absolutely have to--wait, what?

Sometimes I find myself in the middle of doing something and think, "Wait, what? How did this get to be so completely vital?"

This evening it was inventorying my fountain pen ink. The to-do list is full of stuff, and then there's the stuff that isn't even on the list. But somehow my brain--thanks, brain!--decided that if one cartridge was discovered dried up when I tried to put it in the pen, by crackey, they might all be! And soon I had a skirt full of dusty half-boxes of cartridges and a pile of "good" ones, where the ink was still clearly running, and the entirety of the top right drawer of my grandpa's desk cleared out to better organize these things. Oh, brain.

And there even were other defunct cartridges. Thank heavens they are not taking up entire inches of space now! What a relief that I have handled this vital situation! Your sleep can be peaceful tonight!

I mean, in some ways this is better than putting it on my list as a thing I hypothetically should do sometime and then never doing it. But really. Those should not be the only options.
Tags: stupid brain tricks
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