Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

"He wasn't there again today."

They changed the formulation on my shampoo--without labeling it, I might add, so I bought several bottles I will now be donating to a shelter--and now it makes my hair nasty. Since this is the opposite of the point of shampoo, I had to go pick out a different shampoo. I hate that process, smelling the different shampoos in Target until I find one I don't hate, then taking it home and seeing if it works, lather, rinse--oh. Yes. Lather, rinse, repeat: okay then.

Anyway: the success condition here, which I have been living with for a few days, involves feeling like someone is following me around the house, because no matter where I go, there's something that does not smell like me. That smells like someone's shampoo. But not mine. I look forward to this period being over. I just want to turn around and demand, "What?", but of course it's only my own hair following me. Well. A few more days I guess.

Funny things, brains.
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