Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Politics in a box.

Okay, guys, it's only August, and I've had enough.

I still read the paper and The Economist (which makes me kind of crazy, but it comes here for free), but I'm refiling the political blogs I read into a separate folder only to be opened deliberately. I'm not changing who I read on lj yet. That might happen.

I'm making a sign for the window by the front door. The phrase, "Politicans: Get off our land," features prominently.

I do not feel that I have learned anything new from, for example, the antics of Akin this week. Who is surprised? I am not surprised. Who feels their views have changed as a result of what they have heard? I do not. There is just the yammer yammer yammer and the renewed horror at what we already knew was horrifying, and I have serious health problems and things to write and things to make with the garden produce, and...I know that some of you are probably doing good work on the political front. But I am not. I am just continuing to be upset in the same directions as I was already upset. And that's not helping anybody. I need to draw a line. So I'm drawing it. Not "no politics zone." But "politics only deliberately." "Politics in measured and conscious doses."

My life: I need it.
Tags: the art of the possible

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