Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
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Scott Andrews over at Beneath Ceaseless Skies has let me know that they're doing a poll for which stories should go into the Best of BCS Year 3 anthology. I have a story eligible, and so do a lot of other local favorites. The poll is here; go vote if you've a mind to.

I think the 23rd floor is a much better place to watch a protest march than the middle of the park. From the 23rd floor you can say things like, "Okay, as long as the bike cops are still in front of the riot cops things are probably still mostly okay," and you can eat your chocolate-covered almonds, and yes, you worry. Of course you worry. What I want of this weekend--what I want in general--is for everybody to keep a firm grip on their best self. The student protesters, the police, everybody. Best selves forward.

The ice cream place that is closer than Suite 88 is not a trap to lure the unwary. timprov thought it might be, but it is not. There will still be a Suite 88 run. But the closer ice cream place is differently nice and has chocolate passion fruit ice cream, and there's room for more than one ice cream place.
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