Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of March 7-13

So, this week I have:
**written 6K on the Not The Moose,
**finished "Carter Hall Recovers the Puck," at an inconvenient 6K -- if I should miraculously sell this to one of the big markets, no problem, but no few of the small ones cut off at 5K, and I already have some long-short stories out there,
**revised a few more of my encyclopedia articles to editorial specification,
**and done some fiddling with other projects, various and sundry.

No stories accepted this week. It's also been a slow rejection week, with a whopping three. Nonetheless, I'm feeling good: "Carter Hall" is the first short I've drafted in a good while, and the first substantial short in longer than that. And I still got a quite respectable word count on the Not The Moose Book, and I've spotted islands in the sea of it approaching. My confidence in writing each of my books waxes and wanes. We're in a full moon stage right now. All for the best, enjoy it while it lasts, etc. Because they never do last long, no matter how I talk in front of people.
Tags: carter hall, magical finnish computers, scorekeeping

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