Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

The Method of Fun

I have been kind of flailing--not specifically about fiction, but about stuff, and it was sort of carrying over into my work on fiction even when it really was suboptimal to have it do so. (It. It it it. English is sometimes suboptimal in structure with this it-ness.)

Last week I started doing a thing when I sat down to work on my current project. I asked myself explicitly, "What can I do to make this more fun for myself?"

I don't know, guys--I don't know what-all you're dealing with, what problems you have, what your approach is, all that. But for me and right now? This is the stuff. I mean, I hope that at some point the fun becomes more automatic. Like, I hope at some point I have done all this stuff to make it more fun for myself and I sit down one morning at the desk and go, "What can I OOH OOH I KNOW THIS ONE PICK ME PICK ME." And then again the next day. That would be great.

But in the meantime, here is what the Method of Fun did for me on Friday: it made my protagonist way more active earlier in the book, it clarified her relationship with an extremely important character, it clarified why that character is one of the good guys even when he's not getting along with the protag, it added hijinks to what is supposed to be a very hijinky book (shut up, English language, hijinky is a word now), and it fleshed out a bit of plot that was in semi-handwave mode. ("And then they figure out that X is sort of sketchy." Now he actually does sketchy things! Lots of them! Where the protag and her friends can see! In specific chapters, even!)

And also? I had fun.

And that was just Friday.

Earlier in the week the Method of Fun gave me two thousand words in 45 minutes.

And also I had fun.

So here's what I mean about the Method of Fun: it's not like the Method of Fun is giving me fun but is making my protag passive and putting handwave bits in, or making me feel all warm and fuzzy but not get anything done. And I think when I am flaily--maybe this happens to you, too, maybe not--I sometimes get into this mode where I feel like I R Srs Rthur, This R Srs Storee, and if I try the Method of Fun--if I try even thinking about what will be fun for me instead of Srs Rthur Srs Storee--I will end up fingerpainting on the kitchen floor.

And when I feel like that I should maybe go fingerpaint on the kitchen floor, because possibly the fingerpainting will be a fun and useful outline of Chapter 12. And even if it isn't, getting the hell over myself cannot hurt.

Possibly this is useless to the rest of you. But I was just going to put it down where I could look at it: Method of Fun. This is my new thing. Go, Method of Fun.
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