Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Wrong use completely for one of these tags

Fourth Street was a Fourth Street! Yay Fourth Street! I seem to have gotten only homeopathic quantities of some wonderful people I like, but Fourth Street is so full of wonderful people I like (and not, alas, full of infinite energy sources for me) that it's very hard to avoid this outcome. And it was still a very good Fourth Street full of wonderful people I like.

And now I am home and resting and have sold a novelette, "The Radioactive Etiquette Book," to Analog. So yay go that! It's a madcap interplanetary comedy of diplomacy, complete with aliens and wayyyy too many moving parts, so I'm glad I got all the moving parts sorted out to editorial satisfaction. Hurrah!
Tags: cons, mris manners, my friends rule, publishing, wiktory
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