Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Daily quota of exclamation marks exceeded.

I bet you were smart and did not try to go to Mall of America to spend all your money this weekend, unlike ten million other monkeys. So do I have a deal for you! Three deadlines are coming up! One of them is a hard and fast deadline. The other two are just for prices going up.

1. Spellbound Kickstarter. If you do not support this, it will not fly.

2. 4th St. Fantasy. There is no membership cap on 4th St.--I heard a rumor that there was! there is not! I would know!--but the price does go up on June 1. So if you're thinking of coming to 4th St.--which you should! it is awesome! so much nerdly fun!--it is worth your time to get your membership before Friday.

3. Tim's print sale. Again, you can buy Tim's prints whenever you want! They are always there! So are his cards. But the prices go back up on Friday! They are only discounted until Friday! So buy now, save money on good photography!

Aren't you glad you dodged Mall of America?
Tags: cons, my friends rule, my uncle has a barn, timprov

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