Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Things I cannot tolerate

I made the mistake of reading Katherine Kersten in the Star-Tribune today, and she was crowing about the recent study that declares that liberals de-friend more people over politics than conservatives do. Liberals are less tolerant, take that take that liberals! crows Kersten. (She also thinks liberals are ignorant for thinking that a party that wants to spend through the nose on the military--and has done so historically--does not want reduced government spending. Um. But anyway.)

I have de-friended two high school classmates in the last month on Facebook. One of them posted a video with the title, "Look at that n----- go!" His did not have dashes. He did not comment, "What an unfortunate title, but really the guy is an awesome athlete and worth watching." He did not in any way mitigate the slur in the video title. Seriously? I get that "Facebook friend" and "actual friend" are not identical, but either way: gone now, bye.

Within the last few days, another high school classmate posted an incredibly racist picture/caption of a South Asian man. I do not need to describe it for you and perpetuate the racism. Trust me: totally racist. She did post additional commentary. Her comment was, "haha stupid c----." My reaction was: 1) goodbye, racist jerk; 2) he is not a c----, that is another group completely, ignorant racist jerk.

And Kersten would like to believe that she has won the prize because the semantics of "tolerate the intolerant" means "ha ha I win!" No, Kersten. We all lose here.
Tags: social fail, the art of the possible
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