Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Blueshifting, by Heather Kamins

Review copy provided by Upper Rubber Boot Books.

If it's surprising how much of your universe is sea serpents, you're likely to become a fantasy writer. If it's surprising how much of your universe is lemonade, I guess the answers are chef and poet, and Heather Kamins went with poet.

This slim e-chapbook is full of poems about the concrete and the universal, in a way that really engages with its title. These poems, these concepts are aimed at coming towards the reader, bringing things closer, connecting sandwiches and lightwaves and grocery lists. Some of my favorites included "Redshifting," "Relativity," and "Entropy." It's not as intensely nerdy as some of my favorite nerd poets (okay, I mean Mary here), but it may be simultaneously art and outreach, and I'm adding Heather Kamins to my list of poets to keep an eye on.
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