Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

A couple of things I like, by Mris, Age 33

1. We got a big container of dates from the Persian grocery last time we had lunch with porphyrin at the attached restaurant (Caspian Deli, for the locally curious). I also had a tub of pecan halves from Byerly's. I have been sticking the pecan halves in the hole in the middle where the date's pit used to be and then eating them.

If that's not nice, I don't know what is.

2. I really like the library's hold shelves. I walk through one set to get from the door to the book return and then the next set down to get from the book return to my place in the hold shelves. I like that I have my place in the hold shelves that I know because it's mine, but more than that I like seeing all the things that my neighbors have decided that they want to read enough to ask for them to be held specially. There are brand-new books and old books and every category you could think of. There are things I have read myself and things I've never heard of. And all of it is stuff that has been requested recently, more or less--they only hold stuff for a week--and next week there will be just as many books that people want to read.

This makes me happy.
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