Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Cold, burnt, mice, and abstract

I have been cold all day. I got warm briefly while I was boiling molasses and sugar and so on. Otherwise no warmth for me. It's one of those times when you intellectually recognize that it isn't cold out but rather cold in. But it's still not comfortable.

I have a blister on my left ring finger. Just a little one, and I'll bet it'll be gone tomorrow. But pulling taffy is not all it's cracked up to be, and I won't be doing it again soon. This does mean that the candy is all made, leaving only cookies. Rah. Well, and cutting up and wrapping the caramels. It's always something. Anyway, I had a realization while pulling taffy that girls in books who have hair the color of molasses taffy don't have hair that different from mine. For some reason I always pictured it shading more towards the platinum. Maybe saltwater taffy was eating my head.

Do not think too hard about what that would look like.

I have learned a bit about writing from pameladean and dd_b this week. Specifically, Pamela says, "Don't worry, you can always take out the mice," and David says that mice are better than a mountain range. So very true. ( may depend on the mountain range.) I hope. At least approximating true for the moment. Lending something akin to perspective. If giggly Mrissas have anything akin to perspective, which I think they probably do more than scowly serious Mrissas.

We got the abstract for our house today. We now know who has had our land since February of 1855. For some reason, this fascinates me.

I can't make all this connect up. I will be lucky if I manage to get the mice out in the next two days. If you can tell me something cheering, here or in e-mail, I would appreciate it.
Tags: full of theories, so juicy sweeeeet, summer is a foreign country

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