Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Halfway through

Okay, it's almost noon, and here is my list for the day:

1. Sort laundry and do anything that's already a full load
2. Finish writing "Swimming Back from Hell by Moonlight"
3. Finish writing first of children's lit articles
4. Make caramels
5. Make portable turtles
6. Call Scott WINOLJ (Michelle's Scott, but Michelle is also Not On LJ) (I probably shouldn't strike this one out, but I did call him; he just didn't answer the phone. I also called Michael to see if he and Tom are coming to Omaha for Christmas, but they didn't answer the phone, either. And I called my grandparents. Still no answer. If I hadn't gotten calls from Lin and Heathah, I'd have sworn no one wanted to talk to me.)
7. Put up Christmas tree
8. Read beth_bernobich chapters
9. Finish Christmas cards to send out
10. Make Thermionic Night notecards

Also exercise, eat food, clean body, etc. Basic bodily maintenance. Not to be omitted if the rest of the list doesn't get finished.

I'm actually not done adding stuff to the list, except that I think I have to be, because there are several thousand words remaining on that short story in #2.

Edited at 8:20 p.m. Well, so. It could be worse, says the Scando girl. And I still have time to do some stuff before bed. Which stuff? Some. Some stuff. Not putting up the Christmas tree, since it is too damn cold out on the sun porch after dark. We don't have any waxed paper left, so I'll get that when I go out Christmas shopping tomorrow. I could use plastic wrap on the caramels, but taffy really, really requires waxed paper. Fascinating in here, innit?
Tags: holiday cheer and thumping, my friends rule, to done

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