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Marissa Lingen

Also, my lawn: please to be getting off it.

1. Another brick in the road to official crankdom: I have written the newspaper to complain, and not even about their lack of copy editing. (Add to to-do list: write to newspaper to complain about lack of copy editing.) The Vikings lose another game. The Lynx win the first game of the national championships. The former of these is not news, and yet it takes up the entire front page of the sports section. The subject line of my letter was, "Your Sexism." Jerks. They should write the Whalen family an apology letter. I mean, the other women, too, but the Whalens are Minnesotans, for the love of Pete.

I don't even like basketball. Actually I hate basketball. (Note to Seimone Augustus: not you, you're awesome.) But this is just wrong.

2. I bought some cutting boards at Ikea. I put them in the dishwasher, as one does with a dirty plastic cutting board. The plastic melted. There was, it turns out, a cheerful little Ikea icon of a scrub brush in a hand on the corner of the board. We suspect that this is their notification that these boards are hand-wash only. (Or alternately that clean things are nice. Ikea icons, who knows.) Because everyone buys a plastic cutting board at Ikea because they want to put the time and energy into lovingly handwashing the thing. I realize that not everyone has a dishwasher, but a high enough proportion of people have dishwashers that it seems relevant, and also if I wanted to handwash a cutting board I would get a wooden one. I mean really.

3. I fell on the stairs this morning. Only two of them, did not break the glass I was carrying, did not appear to break the mrissa either. Still and all: I cannot like it.
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