Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Conventions for the rest of 2012

A couple of my friends have done this recently, so I am reminded that perhaps I should too: post my planned con schedule for the rest of the year, that is.

Farthing Party, September 23-25, Montreal, QC. Technically not a con, but very like one.

Conjecture 2, October 14-16, Bloomington, MN. The Minn-StF fallcon. I will probably bake again. You have been warned.

World Fantasy Convention, October 27-30, San Diego, CA. My God. It's full of monkeys. Their seafaring theme should provide endless entertainment for those of you amused by my accent, as you will have innumerable opportunities to make me say "about boats."

Will I see you at these? Let me know if I should look for you (arrange dinner with you, whatever). Here or on e-mail.
Tags: cons, my friends rule
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