Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Five Question Meme Rears Its Head

The five question meme is going around on the internets, and I decided that faffing about on the internets is about what I'm up for at the moment, so I got some from haddayr. Ask or be asked in the comments section.

1. Hockey. Please explain.

It's a game on ice wherein people attempt to get a puck in the other person's goal using sticks. What, not that kind of explanation? Oh.

So there I was in California, where, as you may know, they are short of vowels. It's not their fault. We seem to be hogging all the vowels up here in Minnesota. But I got to miss them out there. So I turned on the TV to hockey, with my back to it, and I turned the sound down so I couldn't really hear the words, just the patterns. And this worked for awhile, but there's always something going on in hockey. And the ice makes such pretty noises! And every time you go past the screen, something is happening!

Once you get past that point with hockey, there are various teamwork and loyalty things, and if you get into it you start to get invested in player narratives. And there is something deeply satisfying about a well-placed check.

2. You are allowed to create an opera or other piece of music using any performers or composers, alive or dead (I first wrote that as composters, and you may add that to the list if you'd like). Who do you pick? why?

Gilbert and Sullivan: the internet musical, complete with twitter patter song.

I mean, living musicians should feel free to write whatever opera they like. It's much easier to not feel dictatorial about ordering the dead around.

3. It's happening. We are colonizing another planet. What goes horribly wrong?

Other than everything? I think underestimating radiation/mutation is pretty far up there. But this is the sort of question I answer in 5K chunks with characters.

4. Suddenly, the wind can talk. What is it saying?

And this one is a minor subplot of novel. Well, sort of. In that case it says things like, "Wipe your feet when you come in; were you raised in a barn?" I think it depends on the wind. Some of them say, "The sweet rabbit in the meadow just had her adorable wittle baby bunnies." Some of them say, "Get the hell out of my way, monkey, or face the consequences." Some of them say, "Hey, fresh oregano next door." Which wind is important.

5. The ability to levitate at will. Bad/good? Why?

Well, it's kind of annoying when the dog does it. So I think it ought to be limited to entities who have been taught to be distantly polite about other entities, and to understand their sensitive bits.
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