Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Raiding Other People's Cultures for Snacks: Report 716A

The Persian grocery on University yielded:

Spiced almonds: tasty and zingy; must buy some for Dad.

Spiced pistachios: spice not really strong enough, but tasty due to being less oversalted than most in-shell pistachios in supermarkets.

Pomegranate fruit leather: tasted like a red Fruit Roll-Up. I read the label, and it had all the usual fruit leather things in it and none of the nasty high-fructose whatevers and artificial whosits. So if you like red Fruit Roll-Ups but are trying to avoid whatevers and whosits, hie yourself on over to the Persian grocery and get pomegranate fruit leather.

Tamarind fruit leather: tasted like holycrudtamarind. So much tamarind. If you get cravings for tamarind, and you want semi-shelf-stable stuff, this stuff is the answer.

Still to taste: sour cherry fruit leather (gosh I hope it's really sour), some kind of berry I've never had before fruit leather.
Tags: so juicy sweeeeet

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