Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Happy ending. Well. As happy as hecatombs get.

So they got the Boy Scout hecatomb erected along 55 months and months ago. It's right before you merge with airport traffic to go over the Mendota Bridge (or right after, if you're going out from my house instead of coming home). We go past it constantly--this is our route into South Minneapolis, where approximately everything is. And I have been complaining and shaking my fist at it, because why, why, why even build a Boy Scout hecatomb if you're not going to let Boy Scouts fling themselves off it?

Today there were Boy Scouts on the hecatomb. And there was much rejoicing.

They seemed to like it, too.

ETA: While it is a Boy Scout owned and run hecatomb, I have now found out that you can rent it for other groups, such as Hmong Break Dancing (actual listed group). It is very nice of them not to hog their hecatomb. I am doubly pleased.
Tags: pure silliness, true north strong and slightly less free

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