Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Why do I love the shows that make me cry?

Anybody else watched up through 3.2 of Flashpoint? Uff da. Big uff da.

I think the thing about Lew's death that got me was not just Lew--although I liked Lew--but I like all these characters, there is no "drown in a bucket" character on Flashpoint for me any more. So it was not just loss of Lew. And it was not just the rest of the team's reaction. It was Spike. It was that Lew died in part because he just didn't believe in Spike's nerdery enough to risk both their lives on it. And the guy who plays Spike, Sergio di Zio, he knows how to play the gadget nerd enough that he showed how devastating that was--not just to lose a friend, but to lose a friend when you have this near-hopeless but totally geektastic plan to save him. Spike was willing to put his own life on his geekitude, and Lew didn't let him, and we have textual support from the rest of the characters that it probably wouldn't work. But I know the complete crumpling and losing your knees when you realize what's just happened in your life. And separately I know when you have a plan and other people do not believe that getting your nerd on will work and how frustrating that is. And di Zio nailed that, and I love this show.

I can't even tell you who my favorite character is. I mean, I love Enrico, so Greg Parker's got to be up there. But I am even not hating Sam any more. This show. This is my show.

Also I am glad that the season opener deviated from the usual episode structure, because it's time they let themselves do that.
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