Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Aiming for on again

Two bits of musical...offness, I guess. Last weekend my singing voice went just in time for music circles at 4th St. I bulled through a couple of them, but it was not really the best thing, and then I was froggy for the rest of the week. Last night when I reached for some range it was there, and so this is not a permanent thing, but it was unfortunate timing.

Then today I sat down to play the piano--it's been a few months since I did, since I'm deliberately trying not to make it One More Thing On The List--and...okay, I think pianists are going to get this and non-pianists it might be more opaque. I went to play my new BSG score, know how your hands know how big an octave is? My hands knew that wrong. I have always known how big an octave is, "always" being nearly 25 years now, and I've never known it incorrectly before. There have been hiatuses in my playing that were much longer than a month or two, and they never resulted in this. At the end of the half-hour I spent playing, it had reapproximated, mostly, I think, but I'm kind of freaked out about this. It's like having every step be like missing the bottom step because you've forgotten how long your legs are. And as much as I am not making piano playing One More Thing On The List, I'm thinking I'm going to make a special effort the next little bit, just so that things don't go badly awry where I rely on them not to.
Tags: my uncle has a barn, stupid brain tricks

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