Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

A mystery relocated

So in the middle of the University of Minnesota rouser there is the inexplicable hyphenate ski-u-mah. Why? We do not know. I blame the Gay Nineties; they are convenient and easily blamed for Stuff in general and University Football Stuff in specific.

But now! Tonight we had dinner in an Italian restaurant, and there was something called chocolate hazelnut schiuma on the menu. "What is schiuma, please?" I asked our waitress, pronouncing it as though it was shumai without the final vowel twist. She said, "Ski-u-mah is a kind of very light mousse, almost a foam."

So now we know. Foam, Minnesota! Foam!

I did not have schiuma, even though it is apparently our Secret State Dessert. I had a dark chocolate brownie with pistachio and raspberry. And now you know.
Tags: so juicy sweeeeet, true north strong and slightly less free
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