Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

4th St. 2011!

I want to remind everybody that there is still plenty of time to register for Fourth Street Fantasy Convention. It's here, it's fabulous, and you should totally come. Consider yourself personally invited! People at past 4th St.s have thought I was on the concom, and I am not on the concom, not in the least. I am just an enthusiast. Great fun for the whole family! At least the parts of the family that like fantasy geekery and good conversation and related cool stuff. (Or the parts of the family who can shout, "AUNT MARISSA! I AM IN THE POOL!" when Aunt mrissa steps out of programming to use the bathroom. Those parts of the family apparently also like 4th St. Also Aunt Marissa is apparently not entirely capable of observing who is and is not in the pool; this is why we help her.)

If you register now, you get this, there is no promotional item for registering now. But membership fees go up June 1, and if you register now you will get a concom that can plan for a larger attendance! Also if you are an interesting person who could talk on panels, then registering now will let the programming people know that you can be put on the said panels. Which is useful for planning and stuff.

There will be new cool people this year! Sherwood Smith and Doris Egan and...okay, I don't entirely remember who I've seen at 4th St. before, so I'm not sure who I can claim as new. But there will also be some familiar faces of great interest. Hurrah for 4th St.! Buy one today! Or something.
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