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So I was thinking about short stories today, for obvious reasons, and specifically I was thinking about short story collections. My records indicate that I've now sold about 300,000 words of short fiction. For those of you who don't keep track of such things, the range of lengths for what we consider "a book" varies considerably, but 40K is the minimum novel length for Hugo Award purposes, and 100K is more typical these days. So that's roughly three books' worth. Say that some stories are too recent to be reprinted but that on the other hand there are other stories I like but never sold. Still. Three solid books' worth. At least.

If you were dividing up short stories, how would you want them divided? Thematically? Chronologically? Seasonally? (Winter, winter, winter, and not-winter, in my case.) By genre and/or sub-genre? By the thing that allowed for the cleverest titles or most apropos cover images? What else would you want to see here?

If this short story writer wrote stories in a series with one set of characters, in addition to all the other stuff she did, but there weren't enough of those for a collection yet, but there would almost certainly be at some point, would you want to see them dispersed, put in one collection, or left out? If instead of the reader you were the writer, would your answers be different?
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