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I have a new computer. I was supposed to get a new computer after alecaustin went home. That was But he's not back yet since the last time he went home! (Which was not in September.) So this officially qualifies as After alecaustin Went Home, and I am totally virtuous for getting myself the new computer I needed. Except that I broke down and asked markgritter to do it for me, because I hate spending money. But other than that, totally virtuous.

The old computer was not playing nicely with the new monitor, and as a result I've spent the last several months with the aspect ratio slightly off. This means everybody looked shorter and thicker than they actually were. Now you all look normal, and if I had a habit of looking at supermodels...well, I don't have a habit of looking at supermodels. So you all look normal in your lj icons. Even those of you who are birds, or play birds on the internet.

My mother made us chocolate-dipped apricots and cashews (consecutive, not concurrent, to get all Tom Stoppard on you) for Valentine's Day. Then timprov and I ran to Pumphouse and got lo these many ice creams, and next door at Turtle Bread they were selling pulla. Pulla! I am excited about my pulla. (Braided cardamom almond bread.) Unfortunately, the freezer is now overflowing, and some things I really ought to keep where I will remember we have them have been moved to the chest freezer downstairs. And I know what's for dinner the next two nights (mango quesadillas tonight, lasagna cupcake experiment tomorrow night), and it in no way empties the freezer any further than it is currently emptied. I am Concerned.

I also foraged for titles this week when markgritter and I went to the Kurt Elling concert at the Dakota Jazz Club. I like the Dakota Jazz Club, and I have been busy enough doing other things that I haven't yet put the titles anywhere useful. Do you know what the Dakota Jazz Club has? It has the nicest tisane I've had out anywhere that wasn't a tea shop. I looked at the teabag. The brand of this lovely tisane is Leaves. Leaves! What a horrible name for a tea company in the internet age! In the pre-internet age, it would speak of elegant simplicity. In the internet age, it speaks of never being able to find the stuff again. So if you know where to find Leaves brand tea, by all means speak up; I will be immensely grateful. (Because, y'know. What we need is more tea.)
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