Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Cookie Day, Duck Day, who knows what next.

Yesterday was Cookie Day, and we had a good time. We didn't make as many kinds of things as we have in years past, because we made a great many of the things we made, and many of them were cut-out cookies that required extra decorating steps. But there is much tastiness ensuing, and no one will be the least bit short of cookies or homemade candy. And the days of holiday-related bread-baking are still to come. Christmas breads, yes, but more importantly the lussekatter. Lussekatter are crucial for Santa Lucia Day. Cannot do without them.

Today I went and bought a duck from Mandarin Kitchen on a whim. I have been having difficulty with meat, and I didn't feel like coming up with meat to make for dinner. I could come up with the idea that I wanted eggplant and quinoa, and I knew markgritter and timprov were not going to greet eggplant and quinoa and say, "Hurrah, dinner!" and be done. (Quinoa is a nutritionally complete protein! But this is not perhaps the only relevant factor in what is and is not dinner to a person.) And I knew Mandarin Kitchen had meatful things we had eyed in the past when we were eating dim sum there. So I got a duck.

"How much duck?" markgritter asked me, and I said, "A duck," and it turns out there's a lot of duck on a duck. The whole thing is duck, actually. So now we have a cunning plan for tomorrow involving duck salad (fresh basil! plum stuff! etc.!), which can be put in various conveyances, and now I don't have to think about tomorrow dinner either, because it's handled. The thing that makes me sad about all this is that I am not at all good at Groucho Marx imitations, because the opportunities abound when you have a duck. On the other hand, deadpan Scandosotan girl, "I bought you a duck," announcements are good too.

In completely other news, I have been watching The Mentalist S1, and there is something that happens in it that points out to me how weird TV people are the entire rest of the time. Specifically, Agent Kimball Cho--who is awesome--whips out a paperback and is reading every time he has down time. You know. Like a person does. And I watch him doing it, and I think, "What on earth is everybody else on TV doing with themselves? They make no sense." But the fact that he does it is very comforting. And they don't make a big thing of it so far. I'm through four discs of this show, and nobody is all on about, "What are you reeeeeading?" or, "You know Cho and his boooooooks." He just...reads when he has the chance. Like ya do. And people either interrupt him for cause (trivial or non-), or they let him be to read. So...good then.
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