Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Not Grandiose Either

truepenny has inspired me not to get grandiose with the plan for the day. So here's what:

1. Sort and do laundry: sheets, towels, lights, darks, jeans.

2. Finish Chapter One of Zodiac House.

3. Finish letter to Lizard.

4. Do yoga.

5. Revise one chapter of Thermionic Night.

6. Bring in dried lavender and sage.

Okay, I think beyond that I had better play it by ear. See how long the writing takes me. Not getting grandiose is the point here, and I can feel my brain edging towards more numbered items. Bad brain, no biscuit.

Edited at 3:30:
7. Fix pepper beef and rice for dinner.

(The ones I haven't struck out, I've at least started, except for the yoga, which really ought to be done all in a bunch, though doing one or two stretches throughout the day is also not a bad idea.)
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