Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

The holly has not yet been hauled out, but that's okay.

On some things--most things--any time before Thanksgiving is too early for Christmas preparations. I was in a restaurant last week that had their Christmas decorations up, and this offended me. I understand that in Minnesota people sometimes feel the need to put up external Christmas lights in October or so, in case the weather goes inclement and never gets clement again, but you don't light them. And for other stuff, no. Just no. Thanksgiving is the cutoff--US Thanksgiving, not Canadian Thanksgiving.

However, there are some things that go better with some planning. For serious Christmas bakers, having some idea what we're going to make helps. And not wanting to eat anything really at all does not help with being inspired to bake. And then there are Christmas cards: it's good to know how many to get. And there is...kind of series of things with a variety of people feeding into my reaction to Christmas cards this year. I am significantly less enthused about them than I have been in several of the past years. There are a couple of people in very different areas of my life who...gee, let's see how non-specific I can be on an open lj post. I have been fairly disappointed by the people in question. And the question of how to handle Christmas cards regarding that has sort of made the whole process just a little less merry and bright for me. And it means that where I would often be sending Christmas cards to lots of friends, this year I am not going to send to as many friends, because I figure most of you don't want Christmas cards if it's not fun for me to send them. And if you do want Christmas cards if it's not fun for me to send them, please by all means tell me, so I can cross you off the list permanently, because damn, that's cold. "Hell with you, lady, give me my tidings of comfort and joy, COMFORT AND JOY, DAMMIT!"

I am looking forward to Cookie Day itself, which may be a two-parter this year, because it involves spending time with Mom and Grandma, and if it's a two-parter, possibly with dlandon, so that should all be good. And I'm looking forward to Santa Lucia, and to Christmas Eve, and to getting people presents, and to really good old carols (not to be confused with Christmas songs, which meh). I always like getting people presents. Were I not from a major gift-giving tradition, I would have to join one, because I think I would burst at the seams if there was no yearly outlet for shoving things at people and going, "there was this thing and it was so cool and it was not much money and we had that much money and then extra money beyond that so here is the cool thing and I got it for you and it has brightly colored paper on it here."

I am even very happy with the prospect of Christmas wrapping paper. (This year: red and silver.) I love Christmas wrapping paper. I just...wanted to warn those of you who enjoy getting Christmas cards that the spirit of Christmas is maybe moving me to sing an extra chorus of Noel Nouvellet and let a lot of the cards go by the wayside. And it's not you. Unless you're one of the people I was being oblique about. In which case it is you, and well, should've thought of that sooner, shouldn't you. But really, statistically, probably not.
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